Massimo Dobrovic is an International Professional Actor based in Los Angeles, CA. He is academically trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He speaks 5 languages fluently and acts in all these languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian). He spent most of his life in Rome (Italy), his hometown,residing in the popular neighborhood Garbatella-Ostiense, which became largely known with the Woody Allen movie ” To Rome with Love”. But Massimo was born within the Istrian Italians minority in Istria (Croatia) cause his father is from Croatian descent while his mom from Italian background. Istrian Italians are an ethnic group ( a national minority) in the northern Adriatic region of Istria, referred to the Italian people of Italy. Historically they are descendants from the original Latinized population of Roman Istria, from the Venetian-speaking settlers who came to Istria during the time of the Republic of Venice. For this reason Massimo has two last names De Lorenzi and Dobrovic, he is mostly known with his Croatian last name as Massimo Dobrovic. This rich cultural background gives h im the possibility to extend from Italian and Latin roles all the way to Eastern European and Russian characters. He does an enormous amount of accents and dialects, from Italian, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, Polish, etc…He also does a Standard American Accent and a Standard British Accent. He began acting at an extremely young age in theaters and then he moved onto Television and Film. He became a member of the National Theater at only 12 years old. He trained with world-renowned theater directors, mastering various techniques and methods,among: Tadashi Suzuki, Uta Hagen, Michael Shurtleff, Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler, Constantin Stanislavski, Lee Stasberg, Michael Chekhov, etc… Traveling around the world on many different theater tours as well as tv and movie sets from Australia to Asia all the way to every European country passing through the Americas, Massimo developed an extensive acting-career in Europe and United States. He was selected to represent his country at one of the 12 United World Colleges around the world (UWCAD) where he graduated in 2003 with an I.B. Diploma. The UWC organization is now also part of his charity program. In the U.S he is pursuing an enormous variety of roles in movies and television. He is known for making uncommon and incredible strong choices in his acting bringing his characters alive with a unique and energy-twist method.His mentors are: Donna Pescow, Karen Hensel, Betty Karlen, Timothy Landfield, Judith Bohanon, Brian Reise, Bob Corff, Bernard Hiller, Brenda Beck, John Griffiths and many others. Massimo’s passions are also: Tennis, Cooking, Painting,Volleyball, Fishing, Fencing, Beach-Volley, Stage Combat, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dancing and many more.


  • Like Massimo Dobrovic, across the centuries the contribution of Istrian Italians around the world in different fields has been significant: Laura Antonelli- international film actress,Alida Valli-international film actress, Lidia Bastianich- chef, Joe Bastianich-chef, Pietro Polani- Doge of Venice, Antonio Smareglia- opera composer, Giuseppe Tartini-music composer and violinist.



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